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[a few weeks ago we noticed that my cat had a lump and it was growing so rapidly and then it just busted. we took him into the vet on Friday and the vet was shocked. the mass had grown too big and couldn’t be removed without his leg being amputated. currently they are testing him for cancer but we found out that he doesn’t have cancer in his lungs or anything so that’s great news but now we have to see if it’s in his leg and then from there we go on to the surgery to amputate his leg. I hope this helps and gives you all more information.] by the Coco’s mom :)

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Q: Hi, I didn't go to the website, though it probably explains why your cat needs his leg to be removed. It is old age, cancer, or arthritis?

Hi baby. Coco isn’t my cat but I sent the question for Coco’s mother :)

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My family and I are in need of raising 2,060.22 dollars to pay for our beloved family pet Coco amputation of his right leg. He is eight and means the absolute world to US. The estimate we received from Eden Pet Hospital was a low estimate of 1,743.22 and a high estimate of 2,060.22; we were told…


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